Quick Blockchain Deployment

  • Enhance Your Business with Blockchain-Enabled CRM Solutions.

Our Alpha Trend technology is designed to empower organizations in quick implementation of AI-powered enterprise analytics solutions and blockchain technology offerings. Our blockchain applications allow organizations to integrate infrastructure that allow safe and secure ways of storing data and use smart contracts to set rules of information transfer that can lead to profitability.

Our Approach

Alpha Trend is at the forefront of delivering bespoke blockchain solutions tailored for enterprise-scale challenges. Our solution is designed to empower your company to deploy transactions and ensure security on a public blockchain ledger rapidly and efficiently. By leveraging the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain, our system enhances the security of your transactions.

Solutions We Offer

Unlock the power of blockchain and capture the value for your business with our comprehensive suite of solutions, including:

Admin Portal for Organizations

  • ⇀ Know-Your-Business Identity Audit.
  • ⇀ Integration of Business Custodial Account
  • ⇀ Smart contract construction
  • ⇀ Self-serve asset tokenization
  • ⇀ Attribute tagging
  • ⇀ Deployment of data on blockchain of choice - Ethereum, Polygon, etc.
  • ⇀ Affiliate program management.

Digital Storefront for End Customers

  • ⇀ Digital Storefront web template setup.
  • ⇀ Know-Your-Customer Audit.
  • ⇀ White Labeled digital wallets for organizations.
  • ⇀ Non-custodial AND custodial sign-on.
  • ⇀ Ability to pay in local currency via debit and credit cards.
  • ⇀ E-commerce platform with product listing with minting on-demand.
  • ⇀ Ability to either hide or display crypto equivalent pricing.
  • ⇀ Ability to integrate MeteMask or other digital wallets.

Industries We Serve

From healthcare to finance, retail to manufacturing, see how we're driving transformation across diverse industries with our AI solutions. No matter the vertical or the business challenge, our bespoke AI solutions adjust to internal processes to drive the most optimal returns.

Why Choose Alpha Trend

Discover the advantages of partnering with Alpha Trend, including:

  • ⇀ Expertise in blockchain technology
  • ⇀ Customized solutions to enhance security and transparency
  • ⇀ Attract and retain more customers with blockchain products
  • ⇀ Seamless integration with existing systems

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