Why Choose Alpha Trend

Alpha Trend solves all your implementation needs, big and small, so you can concentrate on maximizing profits.

Why Choose Alpha Trend

Analytic Building Blocks

Easy Web3 Transactions

Rapid Project Rollout

Smart Contract Deployment

Our Solutions

Web3 Strategy

Alpha Launch

Infrastructure that takes you from Web2 to Web3 in less than 8 minutes.


Alpha Intel

Actionable insights for profitable outcomes.


Alpha Pass

Connecting businesses to Web3 communities within minutes.

Our Verticals

No matter the industry, real-time social and blockchain insights keep you ahead of the game.


We work with athletes and universities to launch personalized easy-to-use wallets, to onboard users simply, and to build game-changing collectible programs.


From hedge funds to institutions to family offices, our customers enjoy wide range of portfolios that consistently outperform benchmarks.


Instantaneous and complete royalty capture gives creators the compensation they deserve.

About Us

Our mission is to make your web3 transaction a smooth, fast-paced and profitable one.

Web3 doesn’t have to be a myth or a monolith. Our platform takes large sets of complex data, and turns it into real-world strategic insights that drive customer engagement and acquisition for your business.

With our integrative technology, you can accelerate your token launch, set-up and manage wallets, and measure the performance of your digital asset programs or portfolios.

Make it easy on your customers. Alpha Trend provides technology for an unparalleled e-commerce-like experience in web3, enabling transactions with one-button clicks using debit or credit cards.

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Evolution of Our Web3 Thought Leadership

Discover how our team brings web3 concepts to tangible solutions.